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Web App Development

We help your business create tools to succeed.

How we do it

  • Agile Development - Instead of coding to project completion, we code in weekly sprints getting your feedback and adjusting for changing priorities along the way.
  • Constant Communication - In order to maximize our chance of success, we require clients to be involved throughout the entire development process.
  • Expert Team - We have amazing people coming together to create amazing products. It also helps that we love what we do.
Our Process

We follow these 4 easy steps:

*This is a simplified process. Don't worry, we get to know your business and requirements thoroughly before any coding is done.


Initial Planning

Set up a free 30-minute initial consultation with our product expert to go over what success looks likes to you and how that can be achieved in the cheapest way possible.


Statement of Direction

Never does the final product match exactly the original concept. This document sets the initial trajectory but allows for a variance.


Weekly Sprints

To ensure we build an application that provides the utmost value a short feedback loop is required. Every week we will set immediate priorities, code, then obtain feedback.


You're in Control

Weekly sprints will continue until you are content with your product. We can stop at any time you want and pick back up whenever new functionality is required.


We offer bespoke service. So our pricing is bespoke too.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how we could help you, including pricing.


What clients say

"You get what you pay for. With other developers I'm constantly debugging production releases but with IOA Digital things just work."

Jeremy R.
Owner | Automotive Recycling Company

"They (IOA Digital) helped hone my vision by focusing on the bare minimum that was required to validate my assumptions saving me thousands. I highly recommend using them."

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